Rolling Meadows High School LipDub

The RMHS LipDub is a highly anticipated event that had been celebrated by Mustangs over a decade ago. It’s a unique event that combines music, creativity, and school spirit, and this year, it promises to be just as exciting as ever.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a LipDub, it’s a type of music video where participants lip-sync and dance to a popular song, with the audio dubbed over the video in post-production. The result is a fun and creative video that showcases the spirit and energy of the participants.

The last LipDub event at RMHS took place in 2013. The video, which is still available on YouTube, shows hundreds of students and teachers coming together to create an impressive LipDub that features pop-music from several popular artists. The video did a great job, showcasing the incredible talent and enthusiasm of the RMHS community.

This year’s LipDub promises to be just as exciting, with senior Lauren Ryoo and senior Russel Matthews leading. Students and staff members are already getting hyped up for the event, and many clubs and organizations are coming together to show their support. The LipDub event is more than just a fun way to showcase school spirit, however. It’s also a great way for students to work together and develop their teamwork skills. 

Overall, the RMHS LipDub is an entertaining event that showcases the creativity, energy, and spirit of the Mustang community. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or alum, get hyped up and get ready to LipDub!