Lip Dub Unifies RMHS In Final Full School 2023 Event


It has been over 10 years since RMHS has been part of the LipDub trend. This year, the Mustangs have taken this trend over again and made it their own. With tons of clubs and sports participating, this experience was one for the books for RMHS students. Seniors Russell Mathews and Lauren Ryoo spearheaded the event with support from Math Teacher and NHS sponsor Laura Snyder. Mathews and Ryoo thrived in their leadership roles and were able to bring together RMHS for one fun and final full school event of 2023

“It makes our school look impressive. So many activities are featured and the school just looks so big,” said Joy Ruckoldt, English teacher and the sponsor of the RMHS yearbook club. Ruckoldt was here in 2013 when RMHS had first originally done it and she expressed how this was a phenomenon to other schools both in and out of the district. “‘Does every school do it?’ was a question that I was constantly getting asked all the time,”said Ruckoldt.

Many students enjoyed the experience of being in the LipDub, especially those who are involved in a club, sport, or band. “I liked how the whole school got together and had a good time,” said sophomore Joey Kowalczyk. He expressed how it was fun getting to see what everyone was part of and how everyone was highlighted in some way. “I thought it was cool how it showed off all the clubs, sports, and activities,” said Kowalczyk. 

As a result, it brought out a sense of community and spirit all around. “It’s nice to show school spirit and even if you weren’t involved in anything you were still included,” said sophomore Janessa Salked. She elaborated on the idea that it brought a new sense of community that was nice to experience especially during this time of year. “It was truly a moment that brought us all together,” said Salked. 

Everyone in the RMHS community was excited to be part of this event and were glad to take part in an everlasting memory that can be replayed for the generations to come.