Meadows Theatre Presents subText by Tyler Dwiggins

The hilarious play subText portrays teenagers navigating the awkwardness of dating in the digital age, from capturing the perfect selfie to making a relationship “Facebook official”. According to Ms. Svarz, subText is, “… A beautiful look at what it really means to be vulnerable and be yourself in high school.” At its heart, subText is a reminder that “love is a lot of things, but it is rarely a thing of convenience.”

Our production of the play incorporates leadership, technique, and theory through students directing and ultimately coming together to run the show! “We do kind of a directing practicum-,” Ms. Svarz states, “-where students learn directing skills, we learn strategies and techniques, we have production meetings where I get to hear what they need… So, it’s been really rewarding to see this process come together for all of them,” She explains, thrilled about the learning experience and production involved in the play! Join us February 9th-12th for this joyful, funny, and heartfelt look at love in the digitized universe!

Tickets are being sold at lunch and are available online at