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Breaking News: Robbie Gould named new head football coach for RMHS

A brief overview of the February 27th press conference for the hiring of Gould
RMHS’ New Head Football Coach, Robbie Gould

Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears’ former star kicker and tenth highest-scoring NFL player of all-time, was officially hired today as the new head coach of the RMHS football team for the 24-25 season.

A press conference, held in RMHS’s Black Box theater, allowed Gould to answer several questions from an array of media outlets including but not limited to our very own MustangMedia student, John Lisy, FoxNews, CBS, NBC, Chicago Tribune, and the Journal & Topics.

Gould’s hiring process and decision to land at RMHS was credited to not just the support of the community, but the consistent desire for those in the circle of RMHS to help each other.

“If you really look at the process of Rolling Meadows, first of all the community is unbelievable. They are super-supportive and they are a group that is really close-knit that wants to help each other out,” Gould said.

The team, though only 2-7 this past season, shows a lot of promise and hope for the future. The recognition of the teams’ desire to win and their 1-score-loss games was a focus for the new hire, as he promoted their toughness and the ability to implement small changes moving forward. 

“If you watch their film, the guys are physical and tough and those are things, like grit, that you can’t teach. Those are things either you have it, or I feel like you don’t. It’s like speed; I can’t teach me to run faster or kick harder, but that is something that jumps off the film for me for those kids,” Gould said.

Gould is looking forward to the training camp, as well as the meetings with parents and staff. The new coach said he was most excited for Friday nights to see the team in action, but he is aware that some improvements must be made. 

“My big goal is for our team to be very situationally aware of where we are on the field and where we are at in the game,” Gould said.

Gould expressed excitement to start the season, saying that he “fell in love with high school football” with his recent experiences. 

The RMHS community is excited about Gould’s addition and has high hopes for the fall of 2024.

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