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Rolling Meadows High School News and Media


Rolling Meadows High School News and Media


Hidden Talent in The Corridors: V-Show 2023

The V-Show is now live, and with it, the excitement, practice, and hard work of
hundreds of Rolling Meadows High School students.

But what V-Show?

V-Show or Variety Show is a showcase of a lot of talents from the students, taking many different forms. This production encourages students to share their different talents, skills and secret abilities.

What can we expect from this year V-Show?

This year’s V-Show is called V-Show in Space, where we can expect a lot of wonder and an amazing space theme, exploring space vibes. Excitement, admiration, almost fear. We know that V-Show is not a new event, but we can expect to be a little more organized than it was last year, because the crew started earlier this year, leaving us with higher expectations.

The Crew

In the crew, students get the opportunity to meet new people and can learn leadership skills based on how they interact with others. They also get to learn different skills and try out different things they like, since there are so many different roles in the crew.

What performances can we expect to see in this years V-Show?

There will be many students performing, but we had the pleasure of speaking with one of them, Delaney McCabe, a 12th grader. McCabe is the individual extractor for V-Show, and is doing a solo act to Counting Stars; as well as the Color Guard act to Don’t Stop Me Now. When asked about how her feelings and expectations towards this years V-Show, McCabe responded excitedly, “I’m so excited. This is my fourth and final V-Show, and I’m so honored to get to participate in this exciting Rolling Meadows event once more. I expect the same exciting energy that we have in the V-Show every year. The vibes are unmatched. I just love being part of such a talented group of students and a crew that has so many different individuals coming together for one purpose, and that is to create a great show for everyone.”

Why should you attend the V-Show?

According to various crew members, the V-Show is a show with something for everybody in it. Most events through the Rolling Meadows Fine Arts have only one category of Arts, but the V-Show encapsulates everything. There’s something for every club, various genres of music, and dance. There’s a lot of talent and awesome acts going on. So many students are already involved, as they prepared for weeks, if not months for V-Show. Come out to this event and witness the gravity defying V-Show. This event runs from November 9th -12th, you can get tickets through  Go Fan: V-Show  or through school lunches.

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